High Compression Piston Re-Jetting question?

Not sure if this should be in the "jetting" section or not. move if necessary.

but after 12 or so hours a buddy any myself put a new crank, cam chain and new 13:1 high compression piston.

the bike started right up (3rd kick) we were worried though :thumbsup:

just from starting in up in the garage i noticed that it seems to be running lean, i played with the air/fuel screw but that didnt do much. its backfiring a little, and also the revs are hanging. like it takes a little whilte before the revs drop down to idle when throttle is cracked.

what would u suggest i change? main jet, clip etc.

thanks for any input here

I am not an expert on this high comp stuff but I know that the fuel mix will have to be changed on both main and pilot circuits. I am guessing that it probably wouldn't be more then one up on the pilot and some needle clip adjusting and maybe a richer main but not sure........anyone else?

thanks for giving it a go - anyone else?

can i get away with moving the clip only or is it the main now?

well i went up a jet size on the main and pilot. works great

until i broke my arm, again!

Sorry to hear that bro... Heal up and ride again..

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