Torquing spokes??

Does anybody know the torque specs for the rear wheel of a 2000 650r? I'm just replacing a few spokes, and I don't trust the tuning fork method. Thanks guys

GuttenTight GERMAN TORQUE MY FRIEND. Dont have a number sorry but ive never used a torque wrench and never tossed a rear wheel. Best thing is to keep up on them and make sure they stay tight and when tightening a bunch go across the wheel and do little at a time.

The spoke torque spec is in the factory service manual that you can go to the FAQ and download. 4Nm, 0.4kgm, 2.9lb-ft, or 34.8 in-lb.

Thanks a ton guys, I wanna be riding this Wednesday so...ummmm...pray for me?? LOL

It's real easy to over do it. When over torqued the wheel loses strength and you will end up with broken spokes. Spoke torque wrenches are only good with new spokes. Once they get corroded you have apply a lot of torque to just get them to move.

I torque mine with the Fasst Spoke Torque Wrench to 45 inch pounds. Stock spokes use a 6mm spoke wrench.

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