Broken Master Cyllinder

I'm a noob at this and have some questions for DRZ riders. Have searched around TT but did not get some confirmation answers. Just got my DRZ400E a coupla weeks ago and as fate would have it, i crashed it on a newbie trail up in the north woods and broke my stock front brake master cylinder and the lever as well. My question is which other M/C of which bike can I use to fit on my E. I'm already popped out just getting the bike trail ready and would wanna use minimal moolah to get a replacement. There's a bloke selling an 2005 RMZ M/C and I was wondering whether it could fit nicely on the zook. ANy help would be appreciated.

Any master cylinder with the same diameter bore that will fit on the handlebars will work. The bore size is marked in the outside of the master cylinder. 11mm

If it takes the same rebuild kit, it has the same internals

The only difference you may run into will be whether the line bolts to the front or rear of the MC, and having to remember when you need another lever that you will have to purchase a lever that fits whatever donor bike you got the MC from.

The banjo bolts will all be the same-all Japanese bikes use the same diameter and pitch.

wow... dat was some fast reply. Now I gotta go and check the bore markings.

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