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Sargents 8/22-24

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First off...How the h@!! do you people breathe up there? lol

Melvin and I got an invite from Don for a "Mountain ride" and for the first time in too long we both had the time to make it. WHOO HOOOO!

Loaded up the scooters and off we went to Sargents, CO.

Random pictures from the drive up the mountain.



Met Don Thurs afternoon. He had us set up with a sweet cabin.




Friday, Don took us on a "warm-up" ride (the "real ride wasn't till Sat. and Sun. after Adam and Jeff had arrived (haha))






The crew, left to right: Jeff, Adam, Melvin, Don and Joe




A cool Vietnam memorial



Our ammo


Just a cool picture Sat. night as the sun was going down


Sunday I didn't get the camera out till we we're somewhere about 4 trillion feet (or 12,654 feet) above sea level (I guess the lack of o2 makes ya forget somethings lol)




On the way back to the barn:


This is a cool part of one of the trails....the trail is actually right there in the creek


Thanks Colorado...We'll see ya again!

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Looking good Mel. Good to see you out and about again. Looking forward to riding with you this fall.

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Is that Tomichi Creek Campground where you were staying?

Yeah...great place

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COOL photos!! Looks like you had a blast!

Sure did!....Colorado ROCKS!

And the fact that is was 102 degs. when we left here (Utah) and was only 60ish when we got there was a sweet bonus:applause:

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Glad you guys had fun.

Ssshhh, about this place!

Please write letters/call the Forrest service about keeping the trails open to motorized dirt bikes. Many of the trails are having issues up there, especially Monarch Crest trail. Help us keep them open!

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In the picture, the one on the right is the owners house. The one on the left has the owners garage in the ground level and then up at the top of the stairs on the left is the "bunkhouse". If I remember correctly, there is a bathroom/shower, kitchen, a few chairs a couch, small coffee table area, a pretty long dining table, 4 double beds, and 2 sets of bunkbeds (4 beds). All this in one huge rectangular room.

We stayed there last year. I think it was $125 or so per night. We had 8 guys so about $16 per night per guy. Many of the guys just walked over and showered at the "shower place" instead of waiting for the shower at the bunkhouse.

We had a rule that NO GEAR or RIDING CLOTHES come up to the room. Otherwise with gear for 8 people, there would not be room to walk around. We had enclosed trailers that we set up as dressing rooms and left all the gear in there. That made for a pretty clean (not smelly) living/sleeping area.

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