New to a 90' Dr 650 need help

Just and I mean just picked up a 90' Dr 650 w/9300 miles on it still on my trailer. Orig. except it has a Supertrap on it. Really clean bike. The one problem I know of is the lights. They are dim while at idle OR running but get brighter when I touch the brakes making the brake light come on. I have heard of the lights dimming when you hit the brakes but not the reverse. Any ideas? Have not looked at the battery yet, thinking the batt. is shot causing this.? I gave $900.00 for the bike, how did I do? I got it really just for riding to work until the snow flies. I'll try to post some pics. Downloading a manual as I type this too.:thumbsup: Any mods or areas of concern you guys can pass along would be great.

Sounds awesome. I am a new owner of a 94 dr650 as of June. I love it. Glad to see that there are still some old birds running. As you will come to find most of the dr population is 96' and up (When they made factory changes). 900 is a pretty solid price for the bike. I paid 1800 for my 94 with 4K miles on it, Supertrapp and a few extras. Hope there is a ton of riding in your future. are you going to offroad it or ride mostly on the road? I would jet your carb especially with the supertrapp. Also the airbox mod will help really uncork the bike and make it run better as well! Hope to see some pics!


I also have 90 DR. The lighting sounds more like a loose ground wire on the lights.

I have a Supertrapp and a 38 Flat Slide Mikuni. It had those when I got it so I don't know if it's any better.

Thanks. I plan on doing mostly road, back and forth to work. I have a cr250 for the off road stuff. I had 1990 Dr250 for fun that I really liked but it was not road legal. This bike just impressed me when I saw it and it pulls like no other big bore 4 stroke I have had. The lights worried me but not enough to out weight the good parts. I think it has been jetted for the pipe, not sure on the airbox yet. Starts great. I can't wait to see how will this thing goes down the h/way. Now if I can remeber how to post pics:bonk:

Starts great.

If it starts great now, I would be very careful in making changes. I know from experience that you don't want one of these that's hard starting.

(We need a smilie of a guy kicking and kicking))

Ok a few more questions. Is the tach electirc or motor driven? Are these motors "noisey"? Mine seems alittle loud but I may just be use to my old road bike. Are the valves hard to adjust? My first impressions of the bike are as follows. Heavy but stable, fast for what it is, needs one more gear for road work, should make a great commuter, easiest starting big 4 I have ever had BUT I have to use the decomp.! I have pic now of how it came off my trailer but can someone tell me how to post them? i did it before but can't get it now.:thumbsup:

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