350 cyclinder head on a 250 cyclinder??

Does a 350cc cylinder head fit a 250cc cylinder? We are talking about a 1998 DR 250 cyclinder and a 1995 DR350cc cyclinder head. Any experience with this??

Is there anyone out there with a qualified response to this question? Please!

dont know, but the other way around might work better

bigger motor with smaller head/ ports makes for better velocity on the bottom & middle

Yes, but the 250 head has a crack in it. I recently purchased a 1995 DR350 for parts so i have a 350 cyclinder head to trade out, or i could even swap out the engines after i go through the 350.

I would send an email to Jesse at kientech.com for a sure response. However if my memory serves me correct I think you can, I beleive the difference between a DR250 and DR350 was only in the stroke length.

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