2008 WR450 Jetting for Utah

I ride all over in utah and need to know a safe setting. Here is what i have:

AIS removal kit

Airbox Mods

FMF powercore 4 and power bomb header

Gray wire disconnected

Also in the GTYR AIS removal kit it has jets and a needle, YZ throttle screw and o rings. Is this needle good enough or is it better to go with some jetting kit?

Carb is stock right now.


I have the same question. I hope someone can help us.

A good starting point for altitude is 3 main jet sizes leaner than stock, and one needle clip position leaner. My buddy's '07 WR 450 in Denver runs a 155 main at 6,000 feet. If you ride at 8,000 and above, a 152 would be appropriate.

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