2008 WR450 Jetting for UTAH

I ride all over in utah and need to know a safe setting. Here is what i have:

AIS removal kit

Airbox Mods

FMF powercore 4 and power bomb header

Gray wire disconnected

Also in the GTYR AIS removal kit it has jets and a needle, YZ throttle screw and o rings. Is this needle good enough or is it better to go with some jetting kit?

Carb is stock right now.


Maybe try a 48/165 with that mystery needle in the GYTR kit.

Ya the kit comes with a 175 main and 50 piolet. I think that will be a little rich don't u. Also the needle that came with it says to run it on the 4th clip

Try it, I think the consensus is that the gytr kit is really rich at sea level. You being at elevation and with heat, lean 'er up. Mr. De Mar on here is preaching the yz needle.....I would tend to agree.

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