DRZ125 Engines Only Graphics

Just chopped over my Travis Pastrana shrouds with the new Engine Only Graphics.

I have fitted very many graphics to bikes over the years and these are really good quality and a really good fit. Probably the best fit of any graphics I've fitted.

Few sneak review pics of the bike below. I have pics of the full build of this bike from its humble stock beginings throught to the EO 190 kit with RM85 BBR sprung front end and Works Performance Shock, BBR Rims and all the trims that have turned this into rocket ship that it now is.

I'll put it all together as a build review soon.





Thats a sweet bike!

:thumbsup: wow i totally missed this thread..the bike is looking sweet!!! How did you do the red accents on the chain adjusters/shock linkage?

the graphics look good too:thumbsup:

looks good

The OEM coating on the linkage, chain adjusters and cam inspection covers were all tarnished so I rubbed them off and tried out some 'red anodising' spray which is a 3 layer system. Base prep adhesive promoter, silver metalic layer and a red laquer topping. The stock stuff looked really bad so I thought I'd give it a go and it has actually turned out to be resonablyy tough. Just need to be gentle with spanners and sockets! :thumbsup:

Glad you like the bike. I'm not sure about the mix of Pastrana and EO .. I may go for white side panels or see if Roost MX can make up some side panel graphics tomatch the shrouds.

yeah, it would look more unique with newer side panel graphics, the sobe/pastrana ones are really common...

try www.decalworks.com, they do great work, but not the cheapest (definitely worth it though) Decal works did my entire bike, as they used to sponsor me when i still raced...

and where did you get the spray stuff "anodising in a can" i guess you can call it...it looks pretty interesting

The system is called Duplicolor Metalcast Anodized Surface Colour System.

It is obviously not a durable as proper anodizing but I'm quite impressed with it. I used the Adhesion promotor before using the Ground Coat.

It is an easy way to tidy up tarnished zinc plated parts that don't get too much wrenching!

See http://www.duplicolor.com/products/metalcast.html for more details.

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