Best Riding Pants?

I'm off to buy a new pair of riding pants tomorrow and was wondering what you guys have been having luck with. (I'm looking for pants that offer a lot of protection. I need all I can get!)


I have the FOX 360's they were the best i could buy a year ago, werein good, and good padding, check em out and let us know.

I have the no fear elektrons.

Pretty good, not too sure if they are any better than Fox 360 but they should do.

Wear them extra padded shorts and stuff if you really need the xtra protection.

Also see your budget, if you have any that is.

Style any factor?


I'm not too worried about cost or styling. I just want to avoid road rash and cuts.

Well then ...

You really have no problem, most brands have a top of the line pants ilke the Fox 360 and the

No Fear *forgot their top of the line pants

You can just surf their site and look for their specials.

When the season runs out, you get them a way better price,

sometimes you get a jersey + pant + glove for the price of the same pants thats in season now.

Plus with the money you save, you could get some pads and stuff.

Check it out.

i'll see if i got the links to the sites for you.

Peace! :)

Thanks to a TT post I bought a pair of Thor Core 4's for $99 vs. $139 for the new Core 5's. They seem to be better in most areas than my Core 3's, and I paid the, "last year's price."

I recommend getting the top of the line of whatever brand you choose; they should last longer. I'm tall and thin (at least I want to think so) and the Thor's fit me better than some other brands. :)

Hi WRipper, I have two pairs of Shift Recon' pants, they have excellent breathing/ ventilation and allow me to move around a lot more freely than the 180's/360's. I do agree that if you need extra protection, definitely wear the padded shorts, and be sure that whatever pants you choose, you have enough room around the knees for your knee guards/braces. It might pay to take them to the bike shop, so you can put them on as you try pants on, good luck.


wellllll since you mentioned cost being no object..

check these out.. under the clothing downhill mtn biker protection (those guys go FAST down these hills). worth looking into.

Exactly, choose them on comfort, sizing, fit and function.

Not all pants have the strecthability or the cutting that others may have.

Also the advice on getting your braces with you when you make your purchase is good.

You wouldn't want to spend more time choosing the pants than spending time in the, riding.

If you want, search e-bay for the type you're looking for.

Some guys who do not go to TT are there selling their stuff cos they got injured before they got to use their stuff.

Some good stuff if you're lucky and they can be slightly used or new with tags (NWT)

Some are sold in sets like i mentioend earlier.

Good luck in finding the right pair..



The best I think is fox 360. I have a pair I bought in 98 and they still going strong. Pretty good considering this was my only pair I had for about 1 and a half years with plenty of crash test. I now have 3 pair to alternate. I also have 2 pair of MSR which are excellent and a very good price not exactly the padding you probably want though!

Thanks for all the input, I tried the Fox 360, but I liked the Thor core 5 pants more. They now have a leather section in the knee to protect you and the pants from the header pipe. I also looked at that crazy downhill gear and my birthday is in January so I will have to talk to the girlfriend.


That dainese is great stuff, but can be a bit restrictive and warm. As far as pants go, WRipper, being from BC you might want to consider something for wet weather riding. I suggest the MSR ISDE Goretex riding pants. They can be expensive, but check for sales just after New Years. You will love these pants, especially if you do a lot of wet riding or river crossings

Thor Core 5, nuff said. There like wearing comfortable blue jeans and hold up great. I've had all the Thor stuff and NOTHING holds up as good. The extra $$ was WELL worth it in my book.


While you guys are on the subject, does anyone have any expierence with the MSR Gold Medal line?

I'm seriously considering a pair but since I am going to buy online then Im not sure about knee room (I dont wear braces) and durability. They look nice because they are pretty much one solid color whick I like and the price on them is very reasonable.

Any input on these pants?

I think that many company's make great pants. The most important thing I look for is the material on the back part of the pant (where your butt is). The pants that I wear are Acerbis Impact (vented). Not a great pant for all weather riding but the back section is a gripper type of material. That coupled with my SDG's seat cover make it seem like I'm glued to my seat, it might not be so good for Motocross but for the riding I do it's a perfect combo.

The new fox and Thor stuff look great. Even AXO is on the move again. I think they're on a big come back and you'll see more top riders wearing AXO stuff.

This might sound a little silly but I try to buy products made by company's that really support our sport. Why should I buy products from LBZ or SMP when you have company's like Fox,Thor,Moose,MSR,Acerbis,O'neal,Answer and Troy Lee etc... I would much rather them get my business. Just my .02


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