too much fuel/rich condition

Ok.. right off idle it has a stumble... its really noticable... but soon as i get past the say 1/8 throttle its fine.. I have the zipty air unit.. im going to put the stock back in and give it a go.. it runs really good up top and what not...when it idles or low rpm it seems to have a popping aswell.. and when i took the carb out today, the idle was almost maxed out.. and the air screw was at about 1.4 ish turns and it idles i dono about 2000 ish.. dont wana stall it cuz its hell to start when its hot.. then when its hot it seems to flood.. was going over ideas and idea came up maybe it thinks its lean from too little air or what ever and gives it too much fuel. Soon as i drain the fliud a ltitle bit and wait couple minuts the first good kick gets her started... and right before its about too run out of fuel it idles up really high like it should be with the way the idle is set... any help id love it lol

and also when i moved the air mixture unit it does idle up and what not but it doesnt make much of a diff the best spot i could find was just over 1 and a bit turns or else it just poped and craped out even more

Check to see that you haven't installed the slide plate upside down. It's an extremely common mistake. The rounded edge goes UP, and the flat side with the small hole near the edge belongs on the bottom.

i never took it out but ill check to see

All this work you've done to the carb and you never had the slide out?

had it out once, and its in the correct way. I put the carb back to complete stock, and the stock screw back in but i dont wana use it cuz i cant adjust it and so i guess ill have to wait till the merge ones get here

any other possibilities?

Check the AP timing per the manual mechanically or view the squirt through the carb. There are many posts on this if you search.

This was a problem for my YFZ and the cure was properly adjusting the AP timing and a one size smaller leak jet. This assumes your pilot, main, and needle settings are where they need to be. I adjust my pilot circuit with a tach.

It seems too only happen when its in gear too...

try moving your needle up by putting you clip a notch or two down....and what elevation are you riding at, and what temp??You might want to try a slightly bigger pilot jet as well.

uhm i ride usually 100 feet too any where tooo 4500.. 80% is around the 1000 foot level.. and its around 25C, 80F ish we ride.. moving the clip up wouldnt do anything abot the nothrottle too 1/8th tho would it

got it fixed... all thoe problems due too a crapy screw.. thanks to all that helped.

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