Sticky Throttle Kind of

I have an 01 xr650R with a Baja Designs Kit, I have spent a couple nights now trying to fix a throttle issue that drives me crazy.

It has the normal heavy throttle opening from idle which is fine with me, but the throttle hangs if I let it snap back to idle. I can get it to drop back down if I push the throttle back from its natural stopping point. I went through the throttle assembly, lubed the cables and every thing but cant get it to stop hanging. Theres nothing I can find that is hanging the throttle tube up and I have the cables adjusted properly. Anyone have any similar experiences? I have read other threads about hanging throttles but this seems like something in the throttle assembly. It hangs at just high enough of an idle to make it scary when trying to cruise through left signals on the streets.

Take the slide out and look at the 'dog bone link".It can wear out (the holes get bigger)

I have also had issues with the stupid little "wheel" in the throttle assembly on the handlebars binding up. It was just flat worn out and dragging on the cable which hung up the throttle.

I solved this issue by chucking the XR throttle assembly and putting on a CRF450R assembly.

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