speedo ? will a cycle one work ?


was wondering i am road registering my 450 , i need a speedo , nothing fancy just speed .. will one off a push bike work ?



why not ?

Make sure you get a wired one as the distance is to much for the wireless ones i have tried. Also helps if it lets you manually enter the wheel dimensions instead of having presets already in it. Also sort of a pain to mount.

Another option is a trail tech computer. It is $80 for a honda specific unit. $80 US is around what 3 pounds? I think you guys will start using US currency for toilet paper pretty soon.

OK 40 Pounds, here is a link:


You can get more functional ones for more money, tachometer and temp gage.

Congratulations on the Olympics, the way you guys ride bicycles I'm shocked that anybody rides anything with a motor. BTW, Somebody please buy Boris a suit that fits before 2012, he looked like a drunk schoolboy.

geta vapor and have many mnore functions......100 bucks

hi guys thanks for the info i ordered a trail tech vapor , they have a uk website too so have now ordered that ! was £80 as a full kit

thanks guys !


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