Kauai Hare n hound and Labor day motocross races.

If any of you have ever ridden the Kauai Hare n hound you will remember it as a special time in your motorcycle riding lifetime. It is one of the original extreme offroad events that only those who have done it appreciate. Kauai is a beautiful island with some nice tough trails for all us riders to enjoy. This (of course will be held Labor day weekend). Info on this is on mxfiveo.com.

If you know anyone who has ridden this race you will know that this race has the reputation as one of the toughest races around. This is just a link for riders to find out about this and other races in the islands. Aloha:ride:


Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to ride in Kauai. A hare and hound in Kauai does indeed sound very challenging.

I got the opportunity to ride in Maui this year as well as last. Coming from the deserts of southern california the hawaiian terrain is definitely different.

Since I am from California I was unable to ride at the Maui Raceway park without a whole bunch of paperwork and even a notary??

So I did a lil off roading on the wetter side of the island. I ended up going down a hill that was very muddy. Needless to say the back end of my bike beat the front end down. haha luckily I managed to keep the bike upright, but that volcanic soil is definitely challenging. Good luck in your hare and hound. Ride safe.


It is definitely different. It works the other way around too. I am sure I would have a difficult time riding in the desert when all I do is ride this type of stuff. Hopefully you can come and ride one of the trail races on one of the islands. Glad you got to experience some of Hawaii's trails!!

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