triple clamp alignment!

I went down hard the other day when I came up short on a double. I hit the ground so hard that I blew the grips off and ripped the bars off the holder clamp. Anyway, I am putting my rm250 back together tonight and wanted to know if anyone had a trick they use for lining up the triple clamps. I already loosened the stem nut and top tube clamps and eyed everything up straight. Just wondering what everyone else does.


Loosten the bolts on the entire tripple clamp. Loosten the axle and axle lock blocks too. Lightly snug the bottom tripple clamp bolts. I then have someone hold the bike and I get on. Then I grab the front brake and dive the front of the bike as hard as possible several times. That lines everything up as it needs to be. Then I tighten things back up.

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