should I buy this for 350?

Its a 1999 yz125 says it needs new crank,so I could probably get it running and looking nice for under 650 so i would have a nice yz125 for under 1000? theres the ad.

You can never be sure with these kinda deals, but worst comes to worst your only losing 350... and if it doesn't work out i bet the parts alone are worth more than that.

I found a YZ250 for a mate a few years ago, was listed for half what working ones were going for. The bike had just had a new top end and was sold not running. He bought it, i had a look at it, plenty of compression. Replaced the spark plug with a proper spec one and changed the fuel. Started first go. So there are good deals out there.

You could part it out for that. I'd say do it but plan on a suspension overall along with the engine overhaul. If the crank is worn I'm sure the piston and cylinder aren't any better. I'd give him $250 due to all the unknowns. A title would take some time to get too.

sold :thumbsup:

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