Do the EFI TE250's leak fuel?

Hi all,

My first post here after lurking for awhile. I just posted on another forum about why I look forward to bikes with EFI, and one of things I look forward to is not puking fuel when the bike tips over.

Is that the case w/ TE 250's?

Intuitively there shouldn't be anyplace for fuel to leak, but I sure would feel like a clown to bring a new bike home and show it off by tipping it over "Look, w/ these new fangled injected bikes, no fuel leaks!"... as fuel runs across the garage floor.

Thanks, and I look forward to participating here,


While there is no bowl to dump fuel when tipped, there is a tank vent in the cap. No more FCR carb vents to try and filter :thumbsup:

Don't they pressurize the tank for the EFI? I think the fuel pump is in the tank like on a car. If they pressurize the tank is there a vent and how does it work? I have a TC450 with a Mikuni and EFI sounds very good to me right now.

The tank is not pressurized. the fuel pump pressurizes the the line between the pump and the thottle body.

Please keep quiet about the TE310! :thumbsup::worthy: I want there to be plenty for me.

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