01 YZ426 A/F oiling??

Hey guys I have a "new to me" 01 426 that I dropped a Uni 2 stage filter into. This bike started first kick before I changed filters from a Notoil. After the swap I had a hell of a time getting it to start. I then removed the oil I added which was the PJ1 in a spray from the filter element. I pulled the plug and swapped it out and the bike once again would start first kick. I then went back and lightly added oil to the filter again and as before it would not start. So I then removed the oil from the filter and pulled the plug as it flooded pretty bad on this go around. I was then able to get it to start again after some work. I ran it for about 5 minutes to clear it out and it appears to be running fine again. So whats up with this. Its like I can't put oil on the filter. I am oiling both the inner and outer but barely. On my Rhino I can soak the damn thing and it fires right up with the same style 2 stage Uni and PJ1 oil. Is this normal for a 426? I think I may check out another filter.... maybe the Uni is too restrictive?



> The Uni is much more restrictive than the No-Toil was.

> PJ-1 is plugging up the filter because it's not compatible with the cell size of the foam in the Uni filter.

> Your carb is borderline rich, and the difference is putting it over the line. 426's are sensitive about idle mixture and starting, you may need to run the fuel screw in a little farther.

Just as a reference point, I use Maxima FFT oil and Twin Air filters. I haven't used Uni's lately, nor PJ-1, so I can't compare the two.

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