Diagnosis of electrical problem

On the way back to the truck after Saturdays trail ride my 07 TE450 began to sputter and backfire. Fortunately we were close and made it back where we loaded up and headed home. Once home she fired right up but was running rough with the same sputtering, coughing etc. almost like when you water out (no water during the ride) Sunday morning I try to start her up and no luck, won't fire up at all, the battery is fine and it turns over fine but now I'm getting no juice at all at the plug wire.

How do I go about trouble shooting the electrical system and pinpoint the problem. I'd much rather fix it myself than take it to a shop.

TIA for the help


Refer to your wiring diagram, I photocopied, enlarged and coloured mine in its well worth doing.

I had a similar problem and I took the low tension wire off the coil put a 12v testbulb on the end and connected it to earth. Then press the start button if you get a flashing light thats OK. then the problem is from your coil to your plug (change the Plug Lead, PlugCap and Plug. these are the cheapest parts) Check the coil is grounded to the frame where it bolts on, It may only be water or bad connections.

if not it could bit more serious I had an intermitent fault I swapped the ECU still no Difference, turned out to be the Generater and sensor and got it changed under warranty, Hope yours is a simple one!

Good luck!

Thanks for the link to the post Ken. I plan on checking all the connections tonight.

I called a local bike shop yesterday and got the "we can't work on those European bikes and even if we did I don't have a source for the parts". The dealer I bought it at is about an hour + away but I may have to take it to him if I can't find the problem myself.

Hopefully it's something as simple as a loose crimp or connection somewhere.

thanks again for the link to the previous thread Ken,

It turns out I had the same exact situation that Hoolio had and posted on the prior thread.

On the bottom of the coil there is a 90 degree female spade connector that slips over the male end that extends off the coil itself. Somehow mine worked itself loose and finally slipped off the spade terminal completely causing the open circuit and no spark situation.I tightened up the female connector and fitted it back on the male end and fired the bike right up and runs as good as new.:thumbsup::worthy:

Moral of the story... sometimes things are a lot simpler than you think, check those connections

thanks again


Nice when it is an easy (and cheap) fix. Thanks for thinking of others and posting your results here, could just help someone else in the future.:thumbsup: Ken

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