'01 KDX220R High RPM miss

On the '01 KDX220 I just bought, the bike runs great at low to mid RPM. I installed a Vapor instrument cluster on it and it cuts out RPM wise at about 6700 RPM. Would the installation of this Vapor have anything to do with the miss? Otherwise, what could be causing this high RPM miss? It's like it hits a rev limiter at 6700. I doubt that this is all the higher this bike will rev. An update, this bike has a newly coated cylinder from Fredette, new Wiseco piston, FMF pipe & silencer, and the Fredette bored out carb with Fredette jetting specs. This bike runs very strong low to mid but it's definitely an electrical issue at high RPM's. Any help would be, well, helpful.


Are you sure the power valve system is assembled correctly?

What I'd be checking is all the wires and the CD box, make sure theres no wires grounding (even though that would mean it would run like crap at all RPMs.) Also test the CD box, make sure it didnt go bad on you, and as said before if you did all the work, was the power valve system put back to how it orignally was? Even though it sounds electrical instead of mechanical, I'd check that stuff to.

when they bored the carb did they re-jet a little too rich?? If it was re-jetted..?

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