WR450 - Questions before delivery

I have a deposit on a WR450F and have a couple of questions I'm hoping to find answers for before delivery.

1. How long does it take to break in? This will be my first experience on one of these "new generation" 4-strokes. It's probably different than a 2-stroke or XR.

2. How do you remove the throttle limiter? Is it as simple as remove the carb slide and cut down a post? I intend to leave the baffle in place. Does this combination require jetting changes?

3. Do WR's come with grease fittings on the rear suspension?

4. Is there any work that needs to be done before the first ride? Change any lubricants? Retorque anything?

5. What kind of deal can I expect to make with the shop? There seems to be a pretty good demand already (most local dealers are sold out already).

6. Does anyone know a release date? The dealers were saying "Sometime in Janurary". Now it's "Sometime in February".

Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


A good manual comes with the bike that describes everything. My 2 cents (I owned a WR400 + and a bunch of other bikes; race off-road also):

Just change the oil and filter at about 50 miles and frequently after that; keeping fresh oil in the bike is critical. If you want to start a war, post a question like "what oil should I run"....do a search for "oil" and you will see. Your limiting "post" is not "inside" the carb; it's under a cover on the side of the carb, perform a search on this web site.

Previous models have not come equipped with grease zerks. I took mine apart when new and greased everthing, especially the steering stem; if you ride frequently, do it every year.

You are joking, right? A deal on a WR450!?; there are allot of folks wainting on them; feel lucky if you don't pay list+!

Who knows when they will arrive.........those poor, poor longshoremen are barely scraping by you know! Maybe they will decide to unloaded those ships soon.

With the mung I race in, fresh grease every six months isn't enough. I'm really hoping the linkage/swingarm will have zerks.

I don't expect any discount off retail, but I'm hoping to negotiate one big accessory order at a discount and won't pay more than $13 an hour for setup/predelivery because that's all they paid me when I used to do that. I know how much profit a dealer makes at retail.

i can't wait until they come in.

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