2004 XR650L carb pictures / assistance

I removed my carb a couple weeks ago to do the Dave's mods, and thought from the picture layout going along with the mods I'd be allright reassembling. I didn't to a very good job labeling things, and I'm having a bit of a time getting the hoses reinstalled. Does anyone have good pictures of the 650L carb from both sides? I'm trying to figure out where vacuum lines and other hoses are reattached. I have extra "hoses" sitting there, which I'm not quite sure where they reattach. The prior owner had removed the smog stuff, so I don't know if there was just extra hosing in there, and it looks like there is a missing nipple on the right side of the carb.

Any detailed pictures all around the carb would be greatly appreciated, as I'm sort of stuck.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

kind of a broad question - you must've scared everyone off. I had to turn to the manual when I had issues with the de-smog, but it shows where a lot of the hoses go. You can download the manual from the FAQ http://pages.suddenlink.net/maisonrs/XR650L%20Manual.pdf or right here.

one thing from memory though is there's a nipple on the left side that's connected directly to the nipple on the right, & make sure the nipple on the bottom of the carb is able to drain below the bike. Other than that, what is there??? Just the inlet from the petcock... There's a diagram on the bottom of page 1-26 (pdf page 31) that shows the unmodified hoses.


awesome clint.. I really appreciate the link and help. I'll take a closer look when I get home this evening.

This may help if you have not already fixed it. The photos don't really show the carb but you may be able to see what they did with them.


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