My daughter becomes a biker..

I ride an XR650L and street bikes, and my 5 year old daughter has shown a ton of interest in riding with me, and more recently getting her own dirtbike. She's a little on the small side, but very strong and coordinated, and great on her two wheel bicycle / scooters, etc.

After much deliberation, we finally pulled the trigger on her first dirtbike, a 2007 CRF50F. Though I don't know that it is the best in the long run, since she's a little small, I ordered a set of training wheels so she can get used to the throttle and braking systems without worrying about balancing the bike to start.. Her gear is on the way, though she was fired up to wear her new motocross pants ALL DAY LONG. :thumbsup:





I hope you post more pics after she gets the hang of it!

That is awesome. I started my son off on an 85 honda 50. He fell quit a few times with no training wheels but I had ALL the gear on him. He never got hurt and started to trust his gear. Now at 8 on a 01 honda 50 with big boy BBR everything and an 88cc kit he is clearing Doubles on the PW track. She will have a blast.

Heres a pic


awesome pictures! that must be a proud moment, though a little anxious, when he's flying around the track.. We did a little more no engine work yesterday afternoon with the bike, trying to get her used to the weight and braking.. she's psyched with her little pink bike..

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