Clutch slipping

I need some help from you guys. I have a WR 250X around 1000mi, maintaned. Two things I noticed only in the last few days.

1. The bike slipped out of gear on two different occasions both while shifting. It could have been operator error by accidentaly shifted but I have never done that on any other bikes, or maybe I was used to another bike and caused it. Has not happened since though.

2. The PROBLEM: After the bike is warmed up, as I accelerate from a stop I hear a grinding/rubbing noise, it sounds almost circular if that makes sense. It has happened several times. usually accelerating from a stop or real slow speed and in first or second. I took it to local Yamaha and it ran great, on the way home starts again. I can sometimes make it occur by starting in second and getting on it pretty good. it is a 2 or 3 second circular grinding. After trying to figure it out myself, I have ruled out the CHAIN (tightened/lubed), WHEELS, and more or less isolated it to something internal gearing maybe PLEASE HELP OUT, any ideas would be appreciated, I would like to take them to the dealer with me next time.

still sounds like a loose chain or a chain alignment issue.

The chain was a little loose the service manager adjusted while I was on it. We looked for spots that might have been rubbed by the chain. If it is the chain it would have to be around the front sprocket. The chain was tightened, lubed, and does not appear to be the problem. If it where the chain I Think Im not sure but I think It would happen under other circumstances, like when the bike is under load. If anyone has any ideas your thoughts are welcome.

what kind of oil did you use last? Hopefully it was MC oil and not car oil?

Yamalube 10 W 50 Semi synthetic 4 stroke. I dont really know a whole lot when it comes down to the internals of an engine. Not enough to diagnose a mystery noise, but I believe that the problem is most likely something along the lines of clutch, transmission, bearings. Any ideas guys. Its a grinding sound in a circular pattern/sound it usually occurs in first or second during acceleration from low speeds or stopped. I have recently provoked it by revving high in second and dumping the clutch grinding/rubbing starts lasts 2-3 seconds then stops completely. Along with the noise movement is restricted there is an obvious drag then when it lets up it's gone, normal.

the friction modifiers in automotive oil will mess with the wet clutch in a MC. Since you used a semi-synthetic MC oil you SHOULD be OK but, it might be a good idea to drain the oil and see if there are any particles (from the clutch or elsewhere) in it ASAP.

Sounds like the clutch basket is grooved and/or damaged, most likely will need a new clutch.

Are you hard on your clutch?

I appreciate your responses. I am not hard on the clutch. I ride it pretty good but not hard on the clutch. I will change the oil again and see if I can see anything in it. What exactly would I see metal from clutch plates or the fiberous material? Would a problem with the clutch like this cause a problem during acceleration from stopped or low speed ONLY and first or second gear ONLY. I can sometimes make it rub, by revving and letting out the clutch in second instead of getting a good burst forward im held up by some rubbing, dragging, circular contact, then its over in 3 seconds and its as if nothings happened. Thanks for the input guys.

Anyone else have any ideas, im looking for some insight from some experienced riders/wrenchers who might have seen this before or have the same problem. does it sound like the clutch like previously posted. A lot of views very few replys. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I will change the oil again and check it for metal or fiberous material, and obviously take it back to the dealer again. This time I would just like to have some information to take with as opposed to last time when I had no idea what it was. Throw some ideas around help out if you can. Thanks!

I've had this problem on other bikes, if you're still under warranty you can see if the dealer will take care of it (good luck) otherwise it's a couple of hours labor and $100-200 in parts depending.

You can change the oil as many times as you want and it will not solve this problem, if you have a knowledgeable mechanic look at it he'll tell you what the deal is in a second.

You could pull your clutch cover off and see if their is any rubbing on the cover, or loose parts like the basket. Also, any chance you had the chain too tight? possibly worn the countershaft sprocket bearing to make noise under a load? These are both long shots......

It is under warranty, the dealer will pay for it, i have given them no reason not two. Changing the oil was not to fix it, just to check and see if there is material in the oil. If it is the clutch that is causing my problem do you think riding it is going to cause more problems? Should I not ride it instead take it to the dealer in the truck when I get a chance or drive it untill I can drive it out there on Friday or Saturday? Basically would you guess that I am causing further damage to it by driving it in this condition even if I take it easy so it dosen't rub, even though it still does it every once in a while when im trying to go easy on it.

Jason S.

No the chain was actually a little loose so the mechanic and I tightened it a little, lubed the chain and looked for wear marks all over.

I think the clutch is the most likely problem but I wouldn't know for sure. I went out earlier and now I can more or less make it grind at will. By revving in first or second and dumping the clutch it scrapes, grinds, rubs, in a circular sounding motion and sort of lags as it accelerates past it. VERY AGGREVATING still very new bike around 1000mi not good at all hopefully it's resolved quickly I ride every day and without it I will be driving the 12-15 MPG Z-71. It's hard to look cool in a big truck with gas at 3.89 a gallon.

There are some items such as the drive chain, brake pads, battery, clutch plates and facings that the warranty specifically does not cover.

Now if your bike has few miles on it then there is a chance that Yamaha will cover it as it is possible that it was a factory defect.

I would probably not ride it until I had the repairs made on the chance that it could result in further damage or damage to the engine which shares the oil supply with the clutch and transmission.

According to my Yamaha Limited Warrenty, the only things that are not covered based on normal wear or routine maintanance are: "oil, oil filter, air filters, spark plugs, and break shoes." I would hope that they would fix this under warrenty, My family and I have bought 8 bikes from this dealer 2 this year and they have been more than reasonable so far.

If anyone else has any ideas or comments I would like to hear what you have to say. I was hoping that you guys that have had this same bike for a while or similar problems on another might offer some insight as to what it might be, or what causes it, or how to fix it. I dont expect for anyone to know what it is based on my description just some ideas.

Thanks b-radley, and ZX1100F1 for the replies.

so, you drained the oil and it looked OK?

Not yet I wanted to do it tonight I just have not had enough time yet. I am anxious to see if what you said about the clutch material being in the oil is in fact in there. It might answer my question once and for all. I did call Yamaha this afternoon and they said that they dont see any reason that they wouldn't cover it which is good. I also have seen in my warrenty information that some maintanace and normal wear things are not covered, and was then told by a few things that the list is in fact longer than only what is written. If that makes sense.

I changed the oil tonight and I did not see any material at all in the oil there were no metal flakes/chips I did see a few in the filter at first oil change. So no sighn of any wear that is leaving material in the oil. I did ride for a minute still have the grinding especialy off of hard acceleration from second gear. Does anyone else have this???

I understand your frustration. It's hard to describe a weird noise in words. Sorry I can't add any suggestions other than what you've already heard. But if it's new and under warranty, what are you waiting for? Take it to the dealer and show them how you can make it do that noise. See what they say.

When you changed the oil tonight did you warm up the engine first? It's always important to do an oil change on a warm engine while any particles in the oil are still in suspension. Then as soon as you drain it you need to look at the oil under a bright light or out in the sun to see the tiny particles of metal. Sometimes you won't see them if you are in a poorly light room with only lights on the ceiling.

thanks mwakey, the only reason it is not up there already is because I took it up there last week couldn't make it rub, so they said it must have been the change tightened, lubed, went home. figured out yesterday I could force it to rub, I really wanted to change the oil and look in it before I took it back and since it rained hard all day I changed it tonight.

I hate to give the bike to the dealer man I ride it every day, and my truck costs way too much in gas. Anyway I will take it up there tomorrow and see what they can do for me. They made it sound like it would be covered, as they didn't see why it wouldnt be.

Yeah I warmed it up. I have changed the oil twice before today and the first time there were normal metal shavings mostly on the filter, second time I didn't notice but didn't look real hard. This time I looked up and down for any sign of foreign material or wear, but nothing at all, filter or oil.

Don't know exactly what it is but my guess is still the clutch, as others have suggested. I will let you all know how this turns out in case anyone else has the same problem. I love this bike I dont want to be without it for a minute, kinda like when you get a new girlfriend, hopefully the feeling lasts longer than that though.

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