1976 MR 250 Elsinore

okay, bought me a complete all original 76 MR250 Elsinore, runs good, needs cosmetics, like new seat cover, grips, levers, paint the fenders white (they are original and dull) rub out the tank, and paint touch up here and there, such as the pipe, motor etc.

Now for all you 2 stroke guru's.... what parts if any are shared with the MX version. I looked on bike bandit and appears, not many. MT is the same, a breed of it's own, although you would think they are nearly identical. (MR & MT)

I would like to replace the points (points I can get) coil and stator for reliability, venues for purchasing these items would be greatly appreciated.

Nope that's mostly for european bikes, specializes in Bultaco - Maico etc.

as an update, this bike is in awesome original condition for it's age. no cut wires, OEM air filter, that was actually pretty clean, plug read is good nice and tan, carb was pretty clean too, pilot jet had a wee bit of crud in it and I think that may be why the idel screw was cranked in all the way. Obly descrpancies I can readily see are, head has some missing nuts, 10mm, I am thinking that the studs are snapped off in the jug. However there is no evidence of any leakage and the bike runs well, ok, onto the resto!

The Mr is more like the Cr than the Mt Although it has the heavy flywheel with points . that was for better bottom end performance . go to rickey stater if you can't find the oem parts.

I am in the same boat as you. I bought the same bike with 1200mi on it this spring - with a title! Mine is missing a stud on the head, too. Has stock air filter. No dings in the pipe. Repaired one rip in the seat cover.

I Need to change the points out for a solid state. I thought I'd pull it and see if it's the same size as a CR250 of a later year.

Btw, I bought a repro Honda manual for the bike that's killer. I bought it on line. Can't remember the place, maybe servicemanuals.com or something.

PM me your email and I'll send a pic.

I had owned 3 of the MR250's back in the 80's and I think all 3 were 76 models and it was a fun bike but I would like to point out a problem that I had with all 3 so I don't know if it is a weak spot but the front sprocket countershaft on all of them at one point stripped out from hard takeoffs the shaft would spin inside the sprocket and rip all the splines off of the shaft.

Has anybody else had this happen to their MR250,after it had happen to me on 3 of the same year and model bike I always stayed away from them(I would take one in a hartbeat now)

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