Vapor Installed - 05 WR450

Finished the wiring for my Vapor yesterday. Everything went pretty good. Took a few hours but I work slow and spent time putting all wire in split loom for a factory look.

Still need to finish the mount for the Vapor itself. I bought the top mount protector even then the holes don't line up. I am going to weld tabs to my bar clamps to bolt to. Should look pretty clean and will allow exact placement where I want it. I will post pictures when I'm done.

My only complaint with the Vapor is the gauge of the wire used for the power and the tach. I know the wire used is adequate for the power transmission required but the small gauge wire is a PIA to work with. I would gladly pay $5 extra for the wire to be 14G just to make life easier.

i just flipped the bracket upside down and drilled 2 holes in it

I have an 06 and made a simple aluminum plate and mounted right to the OEM bracket that held the POS OEM speedo. My bike went over backward and crunched the front number plate/headlight shroud and the vapor was untouched. I can read it fine also. Only thing I don't like about the vapor other than whimpy wiring is you can't spray it with water becasue water will find its way in the display area. I don't have the tach hooked up as I would never look at it. Make sure the wires aren't rubbing anywhere when the wheel is turned or shocks are compressed. I wrap some of the wiring with electrical tape for extra protection. I really like the vapor otherwise. Ambient temp is always high but who cares. Engine temp is right on.

I made two mounting tabs for the four wheeler protector..


I too was unimpressed with the size of the wire. A little trick I used was to sleve the wires through some 1/4" drip irrigation tubing. It's plenty thick to protect the wires and it blends in with the rest of the wiring. I also used heat shrink tubing to seal the ends.

Here are the pics showing my custom mount. Worked our really well; rock solid and very visible. If anyone wants dimensions or a template; just let me know. I have a drawing I can send.

You can see that I tapped two holes in my triple clamp for the new mount and bolted the TrailTech top mount to that.



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