Footpeg Spring Question


I bought a used CRF with IMS pegs already on it and one of the springs is broke. My question is, do those take "special" springs or will the stock/OEM springs work with these aftermarket pegs? Thanks!


I don't remember if I used the stock springs went I put my IMS pegs on. I think I did? I have their lowered peg brackets too, and I seem to remember having to use the OEM springs.

I could be wrong though, I'd call IMS.

I do remember having to use aftermarket springs on my Fastway pegs, but I am pretty sure IMS use OEM.

OEM springs will work.

my stock springs work with fastway f3 pegs.......

Either Honda must of changed the OEM springs slightly, or Fastway changed their spring design, because OEM springs from an '02 CRF would not work with Fastway's original pegs.

If your OEM springs worked, then I guess things have changed in the last few years.

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