360 piston

Where can you get pistons for this wr360??? And are there different sizes like a, b, c, etc... like alot of the other bikes do now. A mark on the cylinder or something that states a certain piston???? bikes a 2002 by the way. And any preffered piston brand.... I didn't see a wiseco for it, and that is pretty much all I have ever ran. thanks

Currently you are pretty much limited to the stock Husky piston for the 360. I haven't seen anything else that is available in the states. Hall's or your local dealer can all get you the necessary parts. Best to sit down when you see the price though.


wally... what's it like? $200? Or more?

I think my 430 piston is that much.....that's why I'm not running to buy one.

wally, is there only one size to the factory piston???

I'm not Wally but pistons are available in a range of 'standard' sizes.

From smallest to largest pistons would be graded as A-B, C-D, E-F. The sizes are listed in the owner's manual. The cylinder should have a corresponding sizing letter but I would recommend having the bore accurately measured and determine the piston size accordingly.

Even though it is the only piston available and it is relatively expensive, the stock Husky piston is a very nice part.

thanks onebrow, I would like to have one ordered before I tear it apart, to reduce the down time. Do you know if the cylinder is marked on the outside, so I could possibly pre-order the piston prior to tear-down?

thanks again

The piston is about $250-$260 depending on your source. It is a very good forging and should give you years of service with just the periodic re-ringing. I used a micrometer to measure my cylindar and ended up using the A-B piston. I have to say I was surprised at how little wear there was after 8 years of service. The stock lining is very good.


wally, for that long service life you mentioned, $250 is a deal in my mind. And at the frequency I ride, it will last me 50 years. :thumbsup:


You really need to get the EFM. As much as I really enjoy my WR250, if I am going anywhere nasty I don't even think about it the 360 is my choice.



You really need to get the EFM. As much as I really enjoy my WR250, if I am going anywhere nasty I don't even think about it the 360 is my choice.


Sorry, it's been a hot day here in San Diego....and my brain is a little mushy.. what's "EFM" again walt?

I haven't even had a chance to bond yet with any of the bikes in the last year. The season is here around Oct 1, so I will be taking everything for a few rides... the 250, 360, 410 and 430 of cos...along with the 501 Berg.

Heck, the 360 FMF pipe remains on BackOrder with FMF....been over a month. Right now, the 360 is running so good without the PWK, we're afraid of getting it....and this is without the power of the pipe, since we have yet to get it. I'm hoping he mods the intake boot soon.

My friend who I share the 360 did say however there is a substantial power difference between the two bikes, the 250 and the 360 that is.

I should bring the the 250 down and ride it out at Corral Canyon (where robertaccio) rides.... as the 360 is somewhat a garage queen and is babied and I don't want to thrash it on the trails out here.....so it's mostly going to be a wide open dez bike...

Wow, I got off topic, sorry about that.

All I know is these engines are built to last, I just love that. :thumbsup:

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