1986 CR 125R clutch problem

I just finished rebuilding a 1986 CR125. I took it for a test ride and it would buck in first gear, then not move. I shifted into second, and it would start off slowly, then take off like normal. I looked at the clutch basket on the rebuild and there are notches in the basket teeth. So I'm guessing that I just need to file off these grooves and I'll be good to go. In gears 2-6, it seems to run really well and has lots of power.

One more thing. Even when the engine isn't running, if I put it into gear and pull the clutch, it still locks up the wheel. Neutral works fine. Is this because the plates are hanging up on the basket and not separating? I just put in a brand new clutch cable, and I've got a fair amount of play in the lever.

Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree. I just want some reassurance before I tear into it and start grinding stuff off. Also, if I'm removing material, wont' that open up the gap in the basket teeth?

Thanks in advance.

I looked at some aftermarket baskets, but it's tough to find one for that year. I can only find as far back as 1987, unless you have suggestions where I should look.

It doesn't really want to move in first gear with the clutch in. It will, but there's enough resistance that it just drags the back wheel.

It sounds like I'll need to replace the clutch basket. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been to Service Honda, and they are discontinued. I'm hoping that someone has a spare out there for an '86 CR125.

Thanks in advance.

I would tend to agree with you if it weren't for the fact that it runs in 2nd - 6th. When I shift into neutral, it moves fine. Every time I tried it, I had to shift it into second gear to get moving.

I had a Honda shop put the crankcase back together for me and they said that everything looked good. They only charged me for labor and a few gaskets. So I think the tranny is in pretty good shape.

But the teeth on the basket are really chewed up. I'll bet the grooves are 1/16" deep on each side of the basket tooth. The clutch plates are brand new as well.

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