friend got new bike

hey guys, my friend and i just went to go pick up is new ride....(brand new 2008 kx 250f) and we rode after and he broke it in so he went home and read the manual in how to change the oil....i ride a 2006 crf 250r so im used to having seperate tranny/engine oil, but he says he can only find 1 fill spot and two drain of course i though that there has to be another fill, im pretty sure all modern 4 strokes have seperate systems....any ideas? you guys gotta change your oil and someone has an 08 here....any help would be appreciated

and im posting this for him because he doesn't have an account and says he doesn't feel aking one.

This bike only has one fill and 2 drains. It is different than Honda. He can learn a lot of useful information from this site. I think it is well worth joining.

i could be wrong but im pretty sure the kx250f shares the engine/tranny oil. On the kawis there is only the one fill hole but there is the big drain plug and a little 8mm drain hole on the bottom. Drain them both and then fill it up with the amount of oil the manual suggests...i have an 06 250f so im not sure if its the same amount as the 08...hope this helped...and btw be careful not to strip the little 8mm drain plug...a lot of people had this happen to them!!

The only bike that has seperate tranny/motor oil is the hondas.

its your gear crap isn't running through your engine

its your gear crap isn't running through your engine

Which is the reason for the small drain plug to get the oil out on the shifter side.

but you said they SHARE oil

ya nolan but its stil lubing the tranny

were not talking about that, with trannys the gears are gonna make mettal shavings, and more compared to the engine, so you wouldn't want them running through you engine, but now i realize that there are two sumps so the shavings wont run through the system, and that the oil from the tranny has to run through the screen and then the filter, so no risk



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