Proud Moments in Parenthood

I rode a harescramble yesterday with my son. I am 41 and have been riding for many years and riden many harescrambles. This course was the most difficult I have ever seen. Extreme grades, loose rock, stumps, marginal visibility all in heavy doses. I survived the race probably because I have been training since June.

My 12 year old son rode the course as well. It wasn't the entire loop but the portion he did ride included some of the most difficult obstacles. His bike, a stock YZ 85, was not setup for slow super difficult terrain.

We waited for him to come by and after about 3/4 of a lap he had already fallen several times, twisted his leg. He was actually reduced to tears and said he did not want to continue. My race was before his and I knew first hand what he was dealing with. I told him if he doesn't want to go on that was fine but it would make sense to finish the lap and check in. I told him I would wait at the truck and do whatever he felt was right.

He finished the race. That was totally awsome!!!!!!

Very cool... Props to your son for having the drive to finish. I personally have never done a hare scramble for the sake it would whip my butt.. Still too new to the dirt world..

That is great. Sounds like the kid will have what it takes to see difficult things through in life no matter how tough.

Pics!?? :thumbsup:

awesome i love tohear storys like this props for your son and to you :thumbsup::worthy::busted:

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