Spokane Area Riders: E.WA Wilderness Meeting and Ride at LPO Sept. 6th

The Colville National Forest is again looking at revising their forest plan. On Sept. 6th the Forest Service is having a public kick-off meeting in Colville to help determine whether to ask for more wilderness designation. I think it would be in our best interest to show up at this meeting with truck loads of bikes to show support for our sport. Following the meeting we can caravan up to LPO for a ride. The meeting runs from 9 AM to 12 PM at the Sherriff ambulance shack next to Ronnie D's Drive In in NW Colville. I plan to ride at 1 PM from the main parking lot off of Mill Creek Road at LPO right off of Hwy 20. Post if you are able to attend.

See the E. WA Wilderness post for more information on the meeting.

BUMP...Support your sport :thumbsup:

Come on ladies and gents, I don't want to be the only dirtbiker hanging out with the Sierra Club and WTA :thumbsup:

We need a showing. So far we have one couple showing that I know of, and they are driving from the westside!

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