pre-printed number plates for TTR-125

I was searching for a place to get graphics and pre-printed number plates (or even just number plate backgrounds) for the TTR-125 that I just bought my daughter and saw this post on the pink backgrounds:

Anyone know where to source pink number plate backgrounds? or pink pre-printed number plates?? (OH and it's a 2002 TTR125 FWIW)

I bought some graphics from this site for my daughters PW50. They might have some for the TTR if not I'm sure they can make some for you. Seems I cant post a direct link so just do a google search for hunt graphics and they are the first ones that come up. Good luck....

Thanks - Looked at their links and there is nothing there for the TTR...

I'm thinking since it's really not an MX "racing" bike like the YZ family of bikes that most places don't have the templates for them.... I'm thinking if I can't find anything this week then I might just buy some bulk vinyl and using an x-acto knife to trim a couple pieces to fit...

Check out they have a link for Attack Graphics, did a quick search and they have pre cut pink backgrounds with numbers of your choice for $29.99.

I just ordered a set for my CRF250R (not pink though :-) ) but have not put them on yet. They appear to be of good quality. Good luck!!!

Dang - I looked there and when I searched it didn't come up with anything but a front fender decal... I had to go to google, search for attack graphics and use their link to rocky mountain to get to the graphics order page...

If you go to the Rocky Mountain home page there is an add about halfway down on the right hand side, sorry, I tried attaching the link above but noticed that it is a dead link.

I just installed a set of attack graphics last night and they turned out pretty good, except for the muffler side because of the curved number plate. Good luck with your order and install.

They make a pink background for the TTR125 in the "BOLD Series" background; $54.95


Goto the brand that the guy used in the link you provided,

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