MX Boot repair?

anyone know where you can get some MX boots fixed??? i just got some sixsixone flight boots and the right one ripped in the first 4 rides with them being less then a month old. so any info on a place would be great thank you

I feel your pain. I can't HELP you but I feel it all the same. My son has some (cheap) O'neals, and the strap attachments break all of the time.

Anybody know where to get those? D.

if it is within a month you may be under some sort of 30 day warranty or some 30 day satisfactory guarantee, doesn't hurt to call and ask

I'm sure you could take them to a shoe smith or some kind of shoe repair shop and they could fix them for you pretty cheap. My boots ripped a while ago so I took mine to the shoe hospital and they sewed them right up better than new.

well the local guy that use to fix shoes and stuff isnt doing it anymore and i called sixsixone and they hooked me up with a set of new boost at cost but i also want to fix these just to have extras

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