XR650L plug wire?

Is the plug wire non replaceable as in made a a single part of the coil. I noticed plug cap is split while replacing the plug and was going to change out the wire and cap with some spares that I have.


I can't answer your question, but I did have a similar problem with the plug wire cap being split on my 600. I filled the split with black RTV and tightly wrapped it with black electrical tape. I know that's kinda hokey, but that was several years ago and it's as secure as the day I fixed it.

I'm pretty sure the stock cap on an XR650L has a screw in it that the plug wire twists onto. I'm not too sure on the coil end though.

There is a screw at the coil and at the cap. I replaced the wire and the cap on my NX650 without any issues.:thumbsup:

If you find a performance auto parts place that sells wire by the foot or single wires, you can cut what you need and twist them into the coil and cap. I have not needed to do it to my XRL yet but did, on bikes I have before this one, using ACCELL brand yellow wire.


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