Alessi's future?


I noticed nobody is talkin about Alessi not returning to Suzuki next year. Eventhough he has been riding and is ready to return, Suzuki has asked him to not return fro the rest of the season and continue to rest. Goose has already been assigned to be Reed's mechanic from here on out and Alessi is not happy at all with the situation. Word is that Alessi now wants out of the contract and Mikey and Jeff may very well be back on KTM450s next year. That or he may go accross the pond for a world title since he loves outdoors and doesnt really wanna race SX.

:thumbsup: Maybe its Tony?
:thumbsup: Maybe its Tony?

Yeah fo sho! I wouldnt be suprised if Tony is the unhappy one and Mikey is just going along with it.

It would be great if he races in Europe. He will bring some heat for sure. Top contender in my book!

I would say Yamaha...why not?? Langston may be forced to retire. Hill is inconsistant, Hepler is only a top 5 rider(if hes lucky).Kawasaki has their riders, Honda is the same, and if SUzuki doesnt re-sign him, for KTM i just dont think he'll go back there.

I can't believe they would not let him come back. He was really the only one in Outdoors that could even run close to James. Where did you find this information?

I saw it under the Racerhead on Here:

"I’ve been hearing rumors for months about the possibility that Mike Alessi and Suzuki wouldn’t be together in 2009, and I discounted them at first. I didn’t think it was likely, as at the time, Alessi was killing it in the Nationals. However, with Reed on the team, and with him noting that Rockstar and Makita had to step up big-time to provide the budget to hire him, maybe Suzuki doesn’t have the budget to pay a Mike Alessi too. Plus, I understand that Mike Gosselaar will be switching to tune for Reed next year, so perhaps the Alessis took that personally. However, Michael Byrne indicated at Millville that he was close to a deal with Suzuki, so the 450cc side of the team may be two thirds of Team Australia next year.

On the subject of Alessi, according to reports, Mike is 100 percent right now, but team manager Roger DeCoster wants #800 to sit out the last two rounds of the series to completely recover from the horrific crash he suffered at the start of the second moto at Red Bud. Whether or not he needs the time off, it’s not going to hurt him to stay put at this point, though he was probably the one guy with a real shot of ending James Stewart’s perfect season, except for maybe that other Suzuki rider that lives down in Florida."

Didnt say he wont re-sign or get re-signed, but it leaves us to speculate.

i cant see there being a space for him in europe in 09. budgets are being cut apparently due to the decline in the economy.

hopefully 800 will be back next summer......they should give him an outdoors only contract......take that SX!!!

Hell I think he would smoke REED in outdoor BUT we will never know that prob

And he will be good in SX after a couple of years which is worth the inversment I would think

he's already had a couple of years of trying to learn sx.....its just not his thing......just like some riders are better/prefer sx than mx...

I think he can learn it

I dont think there were many SX tracks in So Cal to practice on

I think suz would flat out be stupid to put Reed over 800. Reed has mabee 2 years left.

I hope Alessi gets an outdoor only contract to me SX is a waste of time why take the risk when the real racing is outdoors

I think suz would flat out be stupid to put Reed over 800. Reed has mabee 2 years left.

Yeah, but James is just getting better and is approaching his prime. He's only 22. You've got to make a run at James right now.

Suzuki is stepping it up big time to get the title back. You gotta give them some credit for trying.

Alessi is a victim of circumstance. I think that Reed is the only guy that would have been able to move him aside (assuming that this is true)

I think he can learn it

I dont think there were many SX tracks in So Cal to practice on

Uhh dude? He has one in his back yard. And 3 more that I can think of less than an hour away...3 hours if he hits some LA

i know just like everyone else.i hated 800.but you know he has taken his licking and not complained at all.and this year i have all but respect for him.

so what ever happens i will be rooting for him.allso jeff has been busting his ass on those tracks and ive been rooting for him.i think what needs to happen is tony needs to let his birds leave the nest.i hope they do good.

It would be a great team if he was bubbas teammate on a yami. From a team aspect anyway. I don't think they've finished building the yamaha squad yet but I could be wrong. I think that would help Mikey is SX but could be bad for Stewie outside if Allesi gets to practice with him all the time.

I don't know about that. Stewart is constantly evolving. I swear he's not human.

I don't understand where these rumors come from. Of course Suzuki will put their best wrench with their best rider (Reed). Reed is a proven champion, Alessi is not. Simple as that. Reed has more credo in the industry, has better results, and if he decided to do outdoors, could probably give Alessi a run for his money if not beat him.

If Alessi is not on the team next year it is his own doing, not Suzuki's. Er I should not even say Mike's doing, probably his Dad's.

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