I just can't believe our weather this spring. It started to rain last Friday and stopped Monday afternoon below 5,000ft, above that snow. One of our local ski resorts received over 1.5 ft. This sure is going to make for some interesting stream/river crossing. Can somebody send me some water wings?! : :)

Hey mate enjoy it while you can.......the only thing thats allowed in the forests around here are the slurry bombers :)

hey chuck. the way it is going you will never get to ride the high stuff. we also woke up with snow on the mountians. I was hoping to go up to the local ski resort for some nice hill climbs but they still hav e8 to 10 feet of snow in places.

Here in Phoenix, we have had a total of .19 inch of rain since January 1st. all forest, BLM land, and state trust land, is closed and there are only 3 small areas to ride in Arizona because of the fire danger. And you can imagine what areas they are letting us ride(crap!!!!) So snow and rain is a good thing.

We've had some pretty weird weather over in New England...

Yesterday it was 93 F and really humid, 35 minutes later it was 60 F and raining. :)

It's now sunny 25C(what's that in F) 80 or so. The melt is unbelievable and bears are out everywhere. I will be riding for sure this weekend, just hope I don't go for the big swim on some of those river crossings :)

We'd kill for some snow right now! 100,000 acres burning, only 5% contained.

Hey lewischris,

Where are you at? Sandpoint or Kellog area?

I lived in Spokane from 1994-1999. I might be heading to Spokane in a couple of weeks (on my bike) if you are available, maybe you could drag me around some areas up there?


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