2009 suspension Q?

I am going to upgrade my 2007 450SX-F for a 2009 450SX-F. As I always do, I send the suspension out right away on my bikes. On my current KTM's I have the suspension done @ MX-Tech's head quarters and Jeremy Wilkey personally does them for me. I was riding with Jeremy and he fixed the little problems I had with the suspension, but for some reason the 2008 model feels like I have Factory racing suspension and the 2007 is just OK at best.:thumbsup: He did the same thing (internals/set-up) to both of my bikes, is it because my 2008 is a lighter two-stroke?

Now my question is; how does MX-TECH update there internals for a new model with different suspension or do they just put the same valves in new stuff? I am thinking about having Jeremy just respring (no valves) on my 09 and see how that works.... I am going to ask Jeremy the same question when I see him face to face but I want to walk into this conversation with a little more knowledge from you guys.

Thanks in advance


Here´s something for you : A 2-stroke`s suspension will never feel as good as one on a 4-stroke. 4-stroke power pulses make it "bite" to the ground as opposed to a 2-stroke which likes to skip/bounce off of everything.

The stock 07 WP suspension is fair at best and the 08 WP suspension is 10 times better as it is stiffer. As for your 09 your best bet would be to respring the suspension and fine tune it from there, WP suspension has some of the best pistons on the market, high flow pistons are much better than low flow after market pistons.

Check with davej over at smart performance and have him dial you in. :thumbsup:

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