Counter Shaft Sprocket "Dealer oops"

Had my Husqvarana dealer install the Power Up kit and a new 15 tooth countershaft sprocket at the 600 mile service on my 2008 TE-510. Runs great but when I washed it today, I noticed the shift lever and shift shaft spline were being eaten alive by my chain. Seems the dealer put the countershaft sprocket on backwards. There is a beveled edge on 1 side of the sprocket that is supposed to go on the "inside" engine case side. My dealer installed it the wrong way and the chain rubbed against the shifter, shift shaft spline, and pinch bolt. They said they were sorry and would fix it but its a 2 hour drive to the dealer each way. Guess I have no choice but to take it back to them.

So beware if you install a new countershaft sprocket and make sure it goes on the correct way.

Switching front sprockets is a very simple task that would take far less than the 2 hour trip but it sucks your dealer messed up. I'm sure we could walk you through the sprocket change if you decide to save the gas/time.

I would assume the drive is for more then the sprocket, the dealer should fix all the damage as well.

Thanks, I know how to change the countershaft sprocket. Just thought I'd have the dealer do it since it was in for a mandatory 600 mile "warranty" service. Wish I would have done the work myself now.

I now have to drive the 2hrs each way for them to repair the damage done to the shifter shaft spline, chain, and the gear shift lever. The sprocket itself is fine.

I guess the lesson leraned here is, don't let a dealer do anything to your bike unless it is absolutely necessary and under warranty.

If your dealer is reasonable, I bet they would send you replacements for the damage parts, and you could just send them the bad parts in return. They may even accept an emailed picture of the damage. Worth a try to save the fuel and time. Good luck, :thumbsup: Ken

Don't leave your bike at that dealership for repair unless you are within eye contact of it at ALL times.

I'd suggest letting them take a look at it and you just take the new parts home to install yourself.

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