Best gloves and grips?

Just wondering what people have had the best luck with. I get blisters all the time with my current setup (answer syncron gloves, pro grip grips). If it's a product that is really good than I don't mind spending a bit of money.

Thanks in advance

I'm in love with my No Fear Rogue gloves and I'm in love with my White Knuckle grips :thumbsup:

Get some grip donuts too.. They prevent blisters for me. I used to always get blisters on my thumb joint before I got some grip donuts. Now I believe it's the best $3 investment I have ever done.

I'm currently running TLD gloves that I can't live without. I've got a couple pairs and they've help up awesome.

I've got Renthal soft full diamond grips on the bike now and they are plush as can be. I had firm ones on and they gave me the worst blisters I've ever had on my hands. Grip donuts are a plus also.

Another thing that will help is gripping more with your legs and loosening your death grip on the bars. This is huge in reducing hand/arm pump also:thumbsup:

It's all personal preference, just keep trying gloves/grips till you find what works for you. Right now I'm using fox airline gloves and like them a lot. I like very thin, single layer gloves. As far as grips go, again, I like thin. I will only use renthal medium full diamonds. I've tried the easton full diamonds and find them too think, got rid of them after one ride

Troy Lee SE Gloves, Pro Taper Grip Doughnuts, Renthal Kevlar grips. I use to have problems with blisters aswell. This set up has been perfect for me and the grips last forever while giving you awesome grip. I can't reccomend these grips enough.:thumbsup::worthy:

P.S. This sort of stuff is definately a personal preference type of thing however. It took a bit of experimenting to find this set up!!!

I love original Mechanix gloves for riding. I get them a tad bit loose but keep the strap tight, and they hold up great and my hands don't go to sleep anymore like they used to with my Thor gloves. Grips, I just had a $5.67 pair on my bike, and they were just fine, grips don't seem to phase me. Maybe my new Pro Taper Pillow tops will be "amazing". We'll see...

Not Moto gloves, but I wear "Ironclad" work gloves.

They LOOK like moto gloves but are tough as nails and LAST a long time

I like the "Heavy utility" No blister problems either.

Mechanix gloves impact series...

will donuts fit the pro taper pillowtops, i need to know within 2 houres

will grip donuts do anything for your left hand. their just for the throttle side right.

I just started running the renthal kevlars. They are really tacky. My hands feel glued to them. It's hard to describe but they are like jelly but hard at the same time. As for gloves, I am running the fox dirtpaws, and they are pretty much your average glove. My only complaint it they ripped really easily. I don't abuse them, they just wore through. I had a pair of fox blitz gloves and I remember them being really comfortable and I think they lasted long, but someone threw them out thinking they were old.

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