Metal Pipe Guard - HOW??

I bought a pipe guard for my 125 to help withstand the New England granite that I so often like to hit. My GasGas 125 has a carbon-fiber guard, and the last time I had a tipover into a rock, the rock punched through the guard like so much tissue paper. I decided that a metal guard was the way to go, and I choose a Moose "Pipe Armor" guard.

It's beefy - made from aluminum 1/8" stock (which is only 1/32" thinner than the Moose skid plate I got for the same bike), which leads to my problem. I CAN'T BEND THE THING!! The guard is pre-bent cylindrically, which makes it even stiffer longitudally - but the thing has to be bent into a compound 'U' to go around the pipe. I spent a few seconds beating it with a hammer with absolutely no effect.



i took those things that you mount it to your pipe with and bought longer ones. and one by one i tightened them to the pipe. so eventually it was tight to the pipe. it takes a long time though

I used an oversize rubber mallet to beat it into the U shape. Pick strategic whack points and bang away. I used a 2x6 on the interior of the guard to stabilize it (bend the guard around it). Then, the finessing part comes from many hose clamps. It looks like ass but I haven't damaged the pipe yet. Fun times ahead for you.

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