Metal Pipe Guard - bending??

I bought a pipe guard for my 125 to help withstand the New England granite that I so often like to hit. My GasGas 125 has a carbon-fiber guard, and the last time I had a tipover into a rock, the rock punched through the guard like so much tissue paper. I decided that a metal guard was the way to go, and I choose a Moose "Pipe Armor" guard.

It's beefy - made from aluminum 1/8" stock (which is only 1/32" thinner than the Moose skid plate I got for the same bike), which leads to my problem. I CAN'T BEND THE THING!! The guard is pre-bent cylindrically, which makes it even stiffer longitudally - but the thing has to be bent into a compound 'U' to go around the pipe. I spent a few seconds beating it with a hammer with absolutely no effect.



Perhaps heat? My bike came with the guard so I don't know.

Use a bigger hammer! That's how I did my last one. It was steel though......

Aluminum alloy can be surprisingly hard to bend. I've not done one myself but have read various methods of fitting them. The best I think is if you have an old dented pipe for your bike (Most 2 stroke guys do) lying around. You can start by clamping it to the head pipe side (Unbent) and start bending it to fit adding clamps as you conform it to the fat part of the pipe. I know everyone complains about fitting them. Maybe someone else will chime it with a better method.

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