Good 130 Rear Tire?

My 120 scorpion is wearing thin and i am looking for a good 130 desert tire? Who makes one for a 18 inch wheel? Any suggestions for colorado?

A 130 tire will rob your bike from alot of its power stick with the 120


Any reason your choosing tire size instead of tread compound and sidewall stiffness?? Bigger isn't always better (in my opinion)... and honestly, some 130s are the same as a 120 in size. Don't let the numbers fool you.

I run a 110/100-18 rear... and love it. Dunlop 729AT Desert.

But I'm slow, old, and gutless on a bike. So, don't listen to me. :thumbsup: And remember... "it's only an opinion". haha....

Actually, opinion aside... the 739AT holds up incredibly well, in all conditions! (there's fact for ya)

That's funny... I'm dropping down from a 140 to a 130, or maybe even a 120 because 140s tend to "rear steer" a bike... whether you like it or not, and I prefer to make the decision myself.


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