Main bearing failure 450, good eng. source

ARRRRGHH, finally back on the bike after a broken foot & the 06 TE450 starts knocking on the right side, limp home to find a very hot, very unhappy engine. Seems in conversation with Uptite's George that my main bearing has decided an early retirment option was a good choice. I'll ship it to Fla if I extract it,,,

Anyway, anyone got a source for a 06-07 (preferred) TC 450-510 engine. By the looks of the $$$ for a rebuild I'll be buying another bike, new leftover or a garage queen,,, knockin around the idea of a simple motor swap sounds good though. Thanks.

If your happy with the rest of the bike I would think a rebuild is the best option. I don't know what George gets for a rebuild though.

I would rather have an uptight rebuild than a factory fresh engine my self.

He's going to put more time and effort into your rebuild than the factory did assembling it. You also have some one to call on when needed.

Used, you may end up with worse than what you got now.

Selling a blown up bike in this economy may be tough. If you part it out I need a set of rims!

If it is ONLY the bearings on the crank its about $1500,,,I expect a piston, rings, cylinder replate,,,,,we're not to far from a complete bike at the point it gets a valve job too.

I'm thinking a leftover 04 450 with my head as a spare if the valves go out & my FCR, but there are new 06s in crates here & there too...The price of a complete overhaul adds up, add what I can part out (& spares I keep) to it and a new complete bike is right about there. I would only buy a used one with near zero hours on it, the backyard bike with the nubbies on the tires.

I'll have to make sure I sell mine before it needs a rebuild.

This is my first 4 stroke, I'm used to the $200 rebuild.

I honestly thought a couple hun for bearings same for piston and 3 or 4 tops for valves. Add in 1200 for labor and your at 2k.

Guess I way off.

i'm up here in canada eh, and i just did a top end on my 05 te 450. melted the rings into the back side of the piston.piston,rings,redo the nikasil in the bore,gaskets,labour etc. 32 day's at the dealer and almost $1300 dollars,and i'm good to go again! yipee!! that hardly stung at all!! just kiddin' folks,i'm just a bit sour on the brand right now,may be i'll get over it in a bit.

just had my 2004 smr450 go out. how could you tell it was the bearings besides the heavy clunk. ton of metal shavings? did you end up doing a teardown?

My engine is sitting on a box waiting my next step???? What to do? I'll probably pull it apart on a rainy day and see. The right side started knocking under various throttle loads, only got worse, then HOT. Like very hot. The clutch hose melted and I lost that as I was limping it home. Returned to find no water, burnt oil and the seal inside the clutch cover that interfaces the crank end oblong. That was the tip George needed to diagnose, at over 2k miles away, a bad crank bearing. Bummer.

i had the heavy clunk on the right side as well but it was only at start up. i have alot of metal shavings oon my magnetic drain plug so i am going to see if i detonated the piston as well.

thanks for the info.

hope you get it going soon

We are negotiating a used Husky parts swap as I write,,,HAHA.

are you guys ridding or racing?

Once we leave the tar, is there a difference???

The Husky maintenance schedule recommends replacing connecting rod, bearings, and piston & inspect cylinder at 10,000km (6200mi) for the non full power 250/450/510. The owner's manual recommends the following schedule for the full power (competition engine) 40hrs. MX, 80hrs. EN(duro); replace connecting rod, bearings, and piston, & inspect cylinder.

Evidently the high reving 4 stroke MX singles, are all prone to the the crankshaft growing (spreading) at high rpm use (ie. competition.) Once a bearing has failed the cases have wallowed out and you might as well throw away the engine. I saw one engine where the guy just JB welded the bearings in and sold the bike.

Upgrading to the 13:1 piston and hi-rev ignition system/s further degrade the life of these engines. The competition guys weld the crank pins to check the crank spread and that helps.

You guys who are thinking of buying a used 250/450/510 or other 4-stroke MX based bike beware!

The TC models also theoretically have a reduced top end life compared to the TE's due to the fact they have less rings on the piston. this allows for more piston rock but less ring drag and less reciprocating mass...

The TC models also theoretically have a reduced top end life compared to the TE's due to the fact they have less rings on the piston. this allows for more piston rock but less ring drag and less reciprocating mass...

Why is that? I would think piston height would have more to do with rock than number of rings? :thumbsup:

Doesn't GP offer to do some special welding on the crank to keep everything together at ludicrous speed? Might be something to look into if you're rebuilding anyway

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