82 XR80 Engine Smoke

I couldn't find anything posted on this so here goes a new thread.

Our XR80 has become hard to start and the idle is erradic almost like it has an air leak. I've checked the carb boots and connections and there does not seem to be one there. I noticed that when the bike is running, usually after warming up, that what seems to be exhaust smoke is coming out from under the engine. I know that it is not the exhaust pipe and in looking at the area where it comes out it looks like it is coming out of the crankcase vent tube. Rev the bike and more smoke comes out.

Has anyone experienced this problem and or at least can tell me what is going on?

thanks in advance


Smoke out the vent tube would indicate bad rings.

I've read here where a sticky timing advance mechanism caused erratic idle.

Thanks, I noticed when I took off the side cover that there was quite a bit of dirt getting in becasue there was no gasket. I had to file the points a couple of times and since it has been ridden in some moisture I can see the timing advance piece on the inside of the flywheel getting sticky from the crud. I will investigate that. Rings sounds most definately like the problem with the smoke.

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