WheelingCycleSupply.com is AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has spoke well of Forest at Wheeling Cycle Supply.com. Last week I purchased a 2009 DRZ 400 SM and am very new to this world. Once I started scanning over the forum for places to order parts, this seemed to be the most well spoken of. I wrote Forest an email with some questions, he responded within 10 minutes and helped me all the way through. Just thought I would give him recognition for such great service. Thank you Forest and to everyone who recommended him.


yeah he is the closest thing to a crack dealer with all those really good DRZ parts


All of my recent purchases with Forrest were great and plan to continue doing business with him.

I have no idea how much volume Forrest is dealing with but I am sure its significant. But no matter what I always feel like I am his only customer. And if by chance there are any challenges to an order he always corrects it right away. He has earned his good reputation by me! Keep it up Forrest.:thumbsup::worthy:

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