hour/tach meter

i was wondering if any one has the moose or hardline hour/tach meter to there cr. i was thinking about getting one for my cr250 when i rebuild the top end. is it actually worth it to get the hour/tach one or should i just stick with the basic hour meter? also how hard is it to wire them?. thanks

Not sure what the advantage is to the tach meter. But I do know the hourmeters are easy to install. Just attach it anywhere on your bike and wrap the wire around your sparkplug wire. It operates on induction and senses when the bike is running.

I have one, new in the package, that I bought for my CR250 when I rebuilt it. I never opened the package and have been thinking of putting it on ebay. Let me know if you'd be interested in buying it. Save you a couple bucks. It's the hourmeter only, I believe.

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