My inner cartridge leaks. How do I split the damper?

These are Showa forks off my CRF250. Upon changing the oil I found one inner cartridge to be empty. So I tried filling it to see what happened. Upon compressing the damper, the oil runs out at the lower seal where teh damper meets the cartridge. It looks like a need a special hex to split these apart. Can someone tell me what I need to do this job? I'm in a financial bind and I just want to ride this thing to relieve some stress. :thumbsup:

You will need a 17mm hex and rod seal. Once the rod is out(teflon tape the threads before removal) you should carefully drill the peen marks (4) before removing the seal holder.


Where should I go for parts? Dag, I want to ride!

you can get the seals from eg RT or FC

you can get the seals from eg RT or FC

i've used MX Tech before. I checked their website. But I need to know the dimensions. I need to find a exploded view with a part number. Then again, I figured I'd call them shortly. Thanks!

The cartridge seals are the blue seals 12x17x3

The cartridge seals are the blue seals 12x17x3

i LOVE this site. anything you want to know about moto. BAM! there it is. Thanks.:thumbsup:

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