ttr 250 stripped float bowl screw

Unfortunately, I stripped the screw to drain the float bowl. :thumbsup: Anybody have an tips to get the screw out. I wonder whether it is a japanese style phillips and that is why my regular philllips stripped it.:worthy:

It's all to easy to do that unfortunately...

Before you start turning on the screws it's best to take a hammer and tap the base of the screwdriver while the tip is seated in each screw to help break loose the corrosion that is in the screw hole. These screws can - and usually are - stuck in the bores pretty well. Then use a screwdriver that seats well in the screw and use a lot of downforce to back them out.

Once one is stripped like yours is there are still a few options. I usually try a pair of vice grips on it first as there is usually just enough room to get a grip on it (might have to use needle nosed grips). If that doesn't work you can take a dremel and grind a slot for a flathead regular screwdriver and try that. Still no luck grind off the head of the screw and then once the bowl is removed try the vice grips again...

Good luck with it.

go to your local hardware/tool store and get an impact screwdriver - I've used that on several occasions to get out stuck phillips head screws... then don't put the screw back in - replace it with something that has a good head on it as next time you'll be in the same position. If possible I like to use an allen head cap-screw for ease of removal next time and use anti-sieze on screws where possible (the fuel drain probably can't since it's going into the fuel area and the anti-sieze will just get washed away...)

Impact drive or even an easy out can normally get it out. The problem is a carb is a little delicate and somewhat awkward to hold even in a vice (be careful not to use too much pressure).

I have been VERY successful using a small pair of vice grips to remove float bowl screws. Now the real tip: Go buy allen head bolts to replace all 4 of them with. You will find allen heads on ALL my carbs!

Mine stripped out today, even after tapping with a hammer. Small chisel, couple of taps and you have a slot for a flathead screw driver. Not as fancy as the dremel, but it works!

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