Pit Posse / Outlaw Products??

Has anyone had any experience with Pit Posse's Outlaw products? They look good and are WAAAAY cheaper than their big name counterparts. Specifically, I'm wondering about the quality of their billet gear (brake reservoir covers, etc.) and their handlebar mounts, but I'm interested in opinions on any of their gear.


I am using their axle blocks and bar risers. The items are high quality, and I would not hesitate to buy any of their other products.

Ditto, I've got a few of their pieces on my bike. Good stuff

Awesome! Thanks, guys!

Ditto on that. I have some stuff from them. Good service too..:thumbsup:

never had any issues. great stuff for cheap.

Definetly would and have recommended them.

I have their re-usable life time oil filter,and *Pro* rim truing stand

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